The Lazarus Fund is a ministry of Pittsburgh Presbytery aimed at helping our neighbors to maintain adequate housing by helping with overdue rent, mortgages, and utility bills. It can also be used towards security deposits on new homes. If your application is approved, a grant of up to $200 will be paid directly to your landlord or utility company.


Application interviews are held at HMBFC on the first Tuesday and Thursday of the month from 6-8pm.

You must contact the church office to make an appointment (412-481-4010 or


There are other applications sites as well. Contact the Pittsburgh Presbytery (412- 697-7390) to learn if there is another site that is more conveniently located.



To be eligible to apply you must:

  • live in Allegheny County

  • have not received a Lazarus Fund grant in the last three years


Applicants will meet at HMBFC for a face-to-face interview to complete the application.


You must bring with you:

  • state-issued photo ID

  • proof of income (i.e. pay stub, Social Security statement, SNAP benefits)


  • most recent utility bill (including shut-off notice if applicable) if applying for utilities

  • OR eviction notice or other documentation from landlord if applying for rent/mortgage

  • OR lease if applying for security deposit


Grants are awarded by the Lazarus Fund once a month. If your application is approved, payment will be made during the 2nd or 3rd week of the month.


For a complete list of other resources that may be available to you, contact the United Way by dialing 211.
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